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2023 December

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"The Author masterfully crafts a story that is both intensly personal & universally relateable."

When is there no other option ...
than, Some Must Die?

SOME MUST DIE is a mystery thriller, crime story of survival about an unconventional family that comes together because of horrific life circumstances.

This found family makes their home in the shadows of society by living off the grid. The story takes you on a life journey across the southern states, beginning in the 1970’s, continuing through 2028.

Along the way they find themselves involved in kidnapping, robbery, arson, murder, love and revenge. You will begin contemplating your own choices on this roller coaster ride of emotions and moral dilemmas.

It’s a world where morality blurs and darkness looms. This tale will hold you tightly in its grip, refusing to let go. And you, the reader will have to decide; when is there no other option, than Some Must Die?

Are you ready to uncover the truth?

The Author

Angie lives in the charming town of Alpharetta, Georgia, and is currently working on her second novel. In those precious moments of relaxation at home – Angie finds comfort in reading and being a loyal viewer of Survivor. Angie is a lover of all genres of music, anything from pop, rock to jazz. Staying active is very important to Angie, she has been a trainer at Life Time for the past sixteen years. So, going for a run or challenging herself with obstacle courses is part of who she is.

Beyond personal pursuits, Angie finds immense happiness in the company of her partner. They both have a serious case of wanderlust, always seeking out new places to explore, collecting memories along the way. They embrace the great outdoors, kayaking, camping, and explorations of quaint towns with unique clothing stores and delightful, one-of-a-kind coffee shops.

Completing her family are two incredible daughters who are currently pursuing their education in college, along with an adorable Pomeranian dog and beautiful Himalayan cat.

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Reviewed by Chad Anthony - Online Book Reviews

“I rate it five out of five stars.”

Some Must Die by Angie D. Comer is an absolutely realistic read of the perils that plague people’s lives. The book stirred my emotions. Readers will be moved to contemplate the evil perpetrated by grown adults, who are expected to protect children from the harsh realities of life. It is a book that can make one question their stance on morality in society and whether the abused are justified in their erratic behavior in response to trauma. During Chris’ quest to save lives, he notices that most of the bad guys are ‘ordinary’ and ‘normal’-looking people whom one would not have suspected, which reminded me of, and taught me not to take the world at face value. I was satisfied with Chris’ acts of justice, he is a daring character whose motives, though leaning towards the negative, are motivated by painful and traumatic experiences. He is something of a Robinhood, doing something many would frown upon for a supposedly righteous cause. I appreciate the author’s ingenuity in switching from the first-person narrative technique, whereby different characters had the chance to narrate their experiences, to the omniscient narrative technique at some points. Also, I need to commend the character development, which is one of the backbones of this novel. The suspense is superb, and the dialogue flows naturally without any confusion. I recommend Some Must Die to readers from teenage years to adulthood.

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"Well-written, mystery Crime story of survival"

“I Highly Recommend this book. I could not put it down and read cover to cover in a few days! I cannot wait for the authors next book!”



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